Dried delicacies



The core of our business. We have been producing and selling this type of delicacies for 30 years.

The meat used for production comes from local suppliers and from European slaughterhouses, thanks to which these products are the highest quality.

Tradition and naturalness

At a time when chemical additives are an integral part of dog food as well, it is worth choosing natural delicacies, without flavor enhancers and preservatives. Dried treats are nothing more than pieces of meat, skin or offal subjected to a process aimed at reducing the water content in the product. Thanks to a special drying technique, they retain the natural taste and aroma of the meat. A wide range of dried treats allows you to choose the size, the hardness and consistency of the treat suited to the dog's needs. We offer a full range of dried products: beef, pork, poultry, game and others.


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